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This song was inspired by the true story of Karen Banister and her famous stallion Sacred Indian. Deborah Rew is writing the book of the same title. The lyrics in the song can also pertain to a person's faith journey using the "rider on the white horse" described in Revelation as the metaphor for Christ. Deborah Rew wrote the lyrics and Diana Williams wrote the melody.

Our thanks to:


Mary James, Vocalist   ( ) 


Nashville producer Robert Jason composed the arrangement and the song was recorded with some of Nashville's finest musicians. They are:  Jon Conley (acoustic guitar, mandolin), Danny Parks (electric guitar), Dow Tomlin (bass), Billy Thomas (drums), and Robert Jason (keys, strings). Background Vocalists: Robert, Hanna, Jenna and Skye Jason,  and Stephen Rew. Sound/Mix Engineer:  Brad Vosburg 


Cover Art:  "Storm's Eye" by Melissa Lloyd of Wild Lillie Art Galleryhs & more.

The white horse with a "medicine hat" was sacred to Native Americans. A warrior who rode this horse into battle believed he could not die. In the Book of Revelation our Savior is shown as a Rider on the White Horse. The rider is called Faithful and True. This story is about bravery, faith, success against all odds, and incredible heart. 

                                     Dedicated to:   


Sacred Indian of White Harvest Farms


 Karen and Marc Banister



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